Super Casting

Super Castingis a family group business, based in INDIA, started in the year 1982 as a small foundry engaged in manufacturing quality castings using the molasses sand process. As time passed and the business that started as a small foundry started gaining experience and accreditations from the clients it introduced the green sand process in its production.

The next milestone was set in the year 2010 when the company introduced the No Bake Process. Since then the company has started gaining more and more work from domestic as well as overseas clients. The future plan of the company is to establish a high pressure moulding plant by the year 2014.

Our management philosophy is simple – to make the best of our existing knowledge base and to keep us updated with the best practices followed in our industry.

We understand the importance of Quality and On-Time Deliverables, in our roles as a partner in our customers’ complex study chains, which has led to ever expanding growth in business as well as winning confidence of our customers. We are also implementing the ISO 9001:2008 quality standards in this financial year i.e. 2013

Hence our moto is Delivering Quality and In Time.

Why Super Casting?

  • We are located at Rajkot – The biggest hub of castings of INDIA, nearest to the international air & sea ports.
  • Our system & manufacturing process are approved by world’s leading notifying agencies that can increase your confidence level towards the supplier selection and put us one step ahead from our competitors.
  • We know the requirements of domestic & international OEMs and your product will be also treated with same experience & expertise.
  • We will support you to increase your customer satisfaction by providing value adding solution for your product for making it more cost effective with increasing productivity.

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